What would be a reason to follow another blog? I have great knowledge of video production, cameras, lighting and sound. My knowledge is based on learning and much real world experience during video productions for clients, both for my own company and as a freelance camera man for hire. Additionally, I have worked as a gaffer or lighting director on feature films and video productions as well as an electrician on the major Hollywood feature film “The Kingdom”.  I can tell you being a rigging electrician in Phoenix during the summer is like a slave labor job and really doesn’t have any of the glamour associated with Hollywood productions.  Another job where Hollywood came to Arizona was the TV series “House Wars” which I was a camera operator in the summer as well.  This was a reality style TV show but was a major production with a full cast and crew and many producers, camera teams and utilities.  I was most impressed by the “Production” set up for monitoring the video feeds and managing many channels of wireless audio over long distances.  Although I typically work as a cameraman and cinematographer, I also help other friends and colleagues who are cameramen with audio from time to time and I am usually responsible for getting great audio on my own productions.

I am not afraid to share information when it isn’t confidential and if I can save someone a heartbreak in the field, I am happy to do it.  Lighting is something that came natural to me and I have developed over the years. I am well versed in three point lighting and how to use one or tow sources to create the desired look or an acceptable nice looking image if a “look” hasn’t been established, which is often the case in my experience on smaller productions.

I have somewhat of a double life. in my other life I’m am also a martial artist.I have achieved the level of 4th Degree Black Belt and often help other students in their quest for growth.  Martial Arts as well as health and fitness is a passion of mine. Other passions includes leadership and learning and story telling.

I’m extremely thankful for the relationships I have developed over the years doing what I love.  I met an incredible friend and mentor in the martial arts through my video production business when I was producing local TV commercials for Cox Media Advertising, which lead to my current path in martial arts. I met my wife at the gym at 1 o’clock in the morning while training my Martial Arts mentor for a body transformation/building contest.

I love my family very much and am grateful for them. I have a beautiful wife and two incredibly bright, healthy sons.

This is part of my story and it will evolve as I add more to it, both future and past.  Thanks for following me. Please feel free to comment and engage.  I am happy to take on challenges or issue that you may have in production and address them and offer possible solutions.  Your help with suggestions will be the guide I use on creating content to share.  I will work to produce content of value for you and others to enjoy and to hopefully grow from. If I produce something a great value it is possible I may ask for some compensation either for my self to further what I can offer or for a worthy charity as I do enjoy helping other that are not as fortunate or in a different part f their journey.