Video Production, Television and Film Production equipment.

4th Wall Productions, LLC can provide everything you need to get your video project done right. We have invested extensively in video/independent film production equipment to deliver Ultra HD 4k orHigh Definition video quality and exceptional value. If what you are looking for is not on this list, please ask us about it. We have relationships with other production companies and rental houses and may be able to get it for you or point you in the right direction..

We have Ultra HD and HD camera systems. We have a killer Sony PXW FS7 Package with Slog 2 & Slog 3 & raw recoreding as well as the best low light camera in the world, the Sony A7SII with the Atomos Shogun & Shogun Inferno  4k recorders. Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic with blimp fuzzy windscreen, shock mount and boom pole. We have high quality camera support and fluid head tripods for consistent smooth pan and tilt movement and the experience to make it all work extremely well. The Black Magic URSA Mini Pro and Panasonic EVA 1  also available as cinema camera options. We have Sennheiser and Rode wireless mic systems. We have excellent LED, Flourescent and incandescent lighting in both Daylight and Tungsten color choices. We have more than 10 C-Stands, High Rollers, Low boy combos and a Super Danna Dolly Slider for moving shots. We also have the All Steady Pro 6 3 Axis Gymbal camera stabilizer for dynamic, smooth moving shots. We have a 24×36 Flag kit with nets, scrims, silks & solids

Camera Systems 4K Cinema and Commercial

Incredible quality camera and lenses to capture the most important scenes. High Resolution Ultra HD 4K or amazing 1080 HD with wide dynamic range for the most natural and flexible images in post production. We can shoot in XDCAM or ProRes or ProRes Raw or Cinema DNG formats at up to 60p in 4k for amazing color, clarity and dynamic tonal range capture.

Sony PXW FS& Camera

Camera Systems | Full HD 1080p ENG & EFP Video Production

Exceptional quality HD camera with versitle integrated camera and lenses for fast capture of Live material and event based video. PMW EX1 1/2″ EXMOR sensor XDCAM Full HD Resolution and flexible images aquisition.

Audio | Mixing & Recording

Up to 8 Channels of rich, clear audio mixed and recorded and sent to camera feed. Back up recording dual system sound with the Zoom F8.

Feild Audio Mixer recorder - Zoom F8
Sennheiser AVX Wireless Mic

Audio Kit

Wireless Lavaliere Mics, Shotgun Boom Mics. We have Sennheiser AVX and G3 Wireless Lav kits as well as a Boom kit with Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic for industry standard broadcast quality audio.

Sennheiser AVX Wireless Mic


We use a combination of High Output, High CRI LED, Soft Flourescent and Tungsten Lighting Instruments to create illumination, model shape and cast shadows. We use professional gels for color correction, to add a punch of color and softboxes to give a much more natural and flatering look to the on camera talent.

Monitoring & Recording

Atomos Shogun & Shogun Inferno 4K recorders. This ground breaking device records Master Quality video in ProRes or ProRes Raw or Cinema DNG formats at up to 60p in 4k with Audio to SSD drives .

Atomos Shogun 4k Recorder - Monitor