Television, Video and Independent Film Production in Arizona

If you have a business, video is a powerful means to win your customers’ trust. Internet video has taken off, and nothing reduces the barrier to call or buy like the relationship you can build with your customer through a compelling video. In today’s market it is essential to have at minimum a “video business card” to promote your business on the air or on the Web. Web video advertising is vital to any marketing strategy.  We shoot everything in High Definition or Ultra High Definition 4K and offer you amazing quality. Here are a few samples of affordable Web videos. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation meeting to boost your marketing efforts. Allow us to help you develop a marketing message that your customers can view any time, on their schedule and in the comfort of their home or office.

Green Screen Shooting and Compositing

We are comfortable shooting on green screen for background replacement. 4K & HD video formats with proper lighting make great looking green screen effects possible and can be a real money saver for creating dramatic effects. Our experience in setting up the lighting and top notch 4K & UHD cinematography will help set your production apart from the rest. The special touches make a big difference on your video production project. Feel confident that the pros at 4th Wall Productions will get the job done right the first time on time and on budget. 

Professional Studio quality production at your location.

We can bring in cameras, lighting and sound gear to your location or facility to create studio quality production on location and save you money. Use our expertise in HD video production and professional lighting skills to bring your vision to life. We can bring in one of our multiple backdrops to shoot on or shoot a live background or green screen to create exactly the look you desire. If you prefer a traditional studio we can rent the right one to suit your production needs.

Video Camera systems in Arizona

Emotional Appeal & Branding

Medical & Dental

Video Testimonials are Powerful

Scottsdale Leadership Awards Presentation Video

Live Event and Music Video Production

Social Media Video Content

Cinematic Storytelling for families and kids

Promotional video for the web

Our goal is to help make it easy for you to sell your product or communicate your message effectively and clearly with the power of video. Anthony has shot, produced and directed hundreds of television commercials, promotional and training videos and several short films as well as being the Director of Photography on narrative feature films and documentaries currently in distribution and selling worldwide.

We make it easy – Teleprompter system is available now.

Do you need to cover a lot of important details in your video presentation? No problem, no need to try to remember and worry about flubbing your lines. It is too much for just about anyone to coordinate and remember, hire our Teleprompter system to scroll your script directly in front of the camera and deliver your details perfectly time and time again straight to your viewers. We can help make your perfect presentation as easy as reading a story out loud.