I hear it quite often in casual conversation while networking or on sales calls, “It’s just for YouTube”, says the man discounting mentally the power that the second or third largest search engine in the world has. I usually explain that Google owns YouTube and that in it self is good reason to take it seariously. YouTube is for so much more than “Cat Videos” not to mention, it’s the number one platform in the world for video distribution, sharing and consumption.  Videos on YouTube are searchable by title, tags and description. What this means is long after your $1500-$5000/month investment in cable tv air time or broadcast air time is gone, your video lives on on YouTube and on yout website if you place it correctly. It also means if someone is searching for what you offer, and your video is properly titled it may very well pop up on the first page of a Google search, which equates to traffic to your website and great exposure for your brand, product or service. Another thing about YouTube is that you can already watch or publish 4K or UltraHD TV content on YouTube, can you do that on yout local tv station?  The bottom line is that used properly and taken seriously Youtube videos are a great asset to any business or group and let’s face it your cat never looked cuter than in 4K.

Which brings it back to the need for high production quality in many situations. Sometimes you can get away with doing your video yourself. As long as it doesn’t distract or degrad your brand then your video is probably better than nothing.  If you want help or need help, I’m hear to help.  It’s not alwasy easy to get great sound, and a really nice looking image.  We can also partner with you creatively to help find your wedge and make it shine.