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Getting the job done and doing well is reliant on great people coming together under a single vision and pushing their creative bounds.


Why Would I Follow You?

What would be a reason to follow another blog? I have great knowledge of video production, cameras, lighting and sound. My knowledge is based on learning and much real world experience during video productions for clients, both for my own company and as a freelance...

“It’s just for YouTube”

I hear it quite often in casual conversation while networking or on sales calls, "It's just for YouTube", says the man discounting mentally the power that the second or third largest search engine in the world has. I usually explain that Google owns YouTube and that...

Video Production for Business in Gilbert, Arizona

Video Production for Business. Based in Gilbert, Arizona Anthony Miles produces video for business. Need some warm exposure, let us help you craft a video message for your customers. We can make the video and post it for you. Video is searchable and is ranked very highly by search engines when it is tagged, and has the proper title and description.