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Video Production, Television and Film Production equipment.

Video Production Equipment Listarizona hd video production
Everything you need to get your video project done right. We have invested in extensive video/independent film production equipment, we have acquired just what we need to deliver to our customers exceptional High Definition video quality and exceptional value. If what you are looking for is not on this list please ask us about it, we have relationships with other production companies and rental houses and may be able to get it for you or point you in the right direction to find what you are looking for.

Shoot: in the field

Camera packages:
We are excited to announce that in keeping with the latest and most exciting production gear we also have the Panasonic GH4 4K, Sony A7S 4K cameras

We have the Sony NEX FS100 Super 35 mm HD Camera package for inexpensive film style aquisition. this is a work hourse for creating professional quality video and synced sound audio for faster production workflows. This next generation Digital Cinema camera offers exceptional picture wih 35 mm depth of field and extended dynamic range lattitude. It features uncompressed 48khz audio recording. Frame rates suported are 1080 24p, 30p, 60p, 720p 60, 30, 24. AVCHD format shoots on inexpensinve SDHC cards or can otput Uncompressed 1920x1080 via HDMI to an external recorder or Live Capture as Uncompressed, Pro Res HQ or MPEG HD or DVCPRO HD. We transfer to portable hard drive for High Definition video deliverable or youcan bring your own SDHC class 6 or better cards and youcan walk away with your video at the end of the day.

Sony PMW EX1, XDCAM HD Camera offers exceptional picture and sound quality recording to in 1080 24p, 30p, 60i, 720p 60, 30, 24. SxS memory cards or Uncompressed 1920x1080 HD-SDI out put for studio or high quality green screen or keying work that can be live captured as Uncompressed, Pro Res HQ or DVC pro HD. We transfer to portable hard drive for High Definition video deliverable, or down covert to DV or DVCAM for your standard definition video production needs. We can also facilitate dubding to HDCAM or Beta Cam SP for an additional fee.

ATOMOS Shogun 4K recorder and smart monitor with waveform & scopes is here to go with our Sony A7s & Panasonic GH4 Camera pacakge. The Shogun is an exceptional monitor that record Master quality UHD 4K Prores files at 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution for extremly high quality Ultra HD video production.

Sony A7s Full Frame 35 mm
Lenses: WIDE: Tokina 11-16 f2.8, Mid: Canon 24-105 f4L, Long Canon EFS 70-300 f3.5-5.6

Panasonic GH4 4K camera with Nikon 35mm Primes lenses.

GoPro Hero 2 Outdoor kit. Allows for underwater or helmet mounted shooting.

Additional cameras: (available via rental, Anthony is experienced at geting profesional results with each of these cameras). RED EPIC, JVC HD 750

High Definition Video Camera Package, Tripod & accessories:
Camera - Sony PMW EX1 1080p HD camera package, (4) 16 gig and (2) 8 gig SxS media (approx. 5 hours record time).
Monitor - Sony 8" portable CRT AC/DC field monitor for confidence monitoring - 8042
Monitor - 8.4 inch 1280x 720 DP1 "Small HD" LCD with 3 feild batteries.
7" Liliput HDMI monitor 1280x 720
Tripod - Cartoni Focus with Carbon Fiber legs for quick setup and rigid base.
Manfroto Giant legs, carbon fiber legs that go from ground level high hat to ladder height 109".
On camera LED light. (Daylight balanced with Tungsten correction filters)

video production Cine HD Camera SystemCinema kit includes:
Sony NEX FS100 Super 35 mm or Sony A7s 35 mm full frame, for the ultimate in cinematic depth of field control & bokeh.
Nikon lenses including, 24 mm f2, 35mm f2, 50 mm f1.4, 85 mm f.2, 135mm f2.8,
Matte box and rails kit RedRock Micro Deluxe Mattebox kit.

Dana Doly Kit &
Large skate board dolly and straight track

Teleprompter package: Never blank out or get tongue tied on camera again!
QTV Teleprompter mirrored system and software on laptop computer with flip, speed control, full kit for studio or field use. Does require AC power.

iPad 2 TelePrompTer with on camera Pad Prompter mount. Works totally portable in the field, No AC power required.

Flos: Daylight or Tungsten
2 6 bank "kino flo like" dimmable fluorescent light banks. With Daylight or tungsten tubes.
3 2 tube fluorescent light fixtures.

2 900 LED studio or filed panels- Dimmable, Daylight balanced 12"x14"
2 1200 LED studio or filed panels - Dimmable, and color temperature selectable from warm tungsten to cold Daylight balanced 14"x14"
3 mid sized LED lights for on or off camera mounting
2 On Camera LED lights


Lowell Omni kit with 2 600 watt Omni lights and 1 500-1000 watt Total flood, 250 Watt Pro light.
2 1000 watt open face flood lights or cyc lights
Full White star light 24"x32" soft box, medium size soft box with white on all sides, great for ambient light. Like a 1k china ball.
Various universal soft boxes
China balls of various sizes and small fixtures

HMI: Daylight
1 1200 watt Sunray HMI Par

Grip:Red Rock MIcro M2Encore 35 mm imaging adapter - 4thwalltvandfilm.com
10 C-stands
2 Medium high rollers
2 3 section medium roller heavy duty light stands
various small light stands
Flag Kit 24x36, 2 doubles, 2 singles, 2 1/4 stop silks, 4 solid flags
10' x10' poly silk and frame.
Green screen - portable flip out
Green screen - 12' x 20' foam backed fabric
Foam Core holder fork
36" portable Lasolite "sunlight/soft silver" reflector
Extendable flex fill reflector arm holder
Extendable reflector arm holder for bead board or shinny board
Foam Core and Gorilla shinny board material
2 10' background stand kits
20' x 40' black drape
Restaurant cart - hauls gear does, double duty as field production station/video monitor holder
Convertible hand truck dolly cart.

1 Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Microphone with shock mount and fuzzy wind guard
K-Tek 93 inch aluminum boom pole
2 Sennheiser E100 G3 Wireless Lav kits.
2 Sennheiser E100 G2 Wireless Lav kits 1 with wireless but plug.
Hundreds of feet of XLR cable
PSC Promix 6 portable 6 Channel Field mixer and 25' break-a-way snake cables.
Sony MDR 7506 Professional headphones
Zoom H5 4 Channel recorder

EDIT: ADOBE Creative Creative Clound CC 2014.2 Video editing.
Windows and Mac editing available on Adobe Creative Cloud applicationss including Premiere Pro, after effects and Encore for DVD & Bluray.

Legacy Apple 8 core Xeon Mac Pro ADOBE CC 2014 Suite, Final Cut Production Studio 2 real time nonlinear workstations with 8 TeraBytes array for HD storage. Enough storage for over 7.5 hours of uncompressed HD video or over 40 hours of 1920x1080 ProRes 422 10 Bit HD video. Service includes, real time titling, real time dissolves, color correction picture in a picture. Support software includes Apple Motion, Photoshop CC, Boris FX RED 4 for effects and compositing. Also featuring custom DVD authoring with DVD Studio Pro 4 or Adobe Encore. Rest assured your video will look as it should in our edit suite, with color correction and critical viewing on our broadcast quality JVC 17" HD monitor with 1:1 viewing.

Video Monitoring:
Atomo Shogun 7.1" monitor with 12G SDI & HDMI and 4K or HD recording
Broadcast quality DT-V17L3D JVC 17" HD monitor HD-SDI & analog component, with 1:1 viewing.
Lilliput 7" HD moitor with HDMI
Field Monitor - DP1 8.4 inch 720p "Small HD" LCD with 3 field batteries.

Audio Monitoring:
Near field Bi-amplified studio monitors.

Still Photography:
Panasonic Gh4 16 Megapixel, also shoots 4K, 1080p and 720p HD video
Sony A7s Low Light with 4240x2832 pixel resolution.



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