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Anthony T. Miles
Anthony T. Miles
Serving the Metro Phoenix, Arizona area since 1992

Gilbert, Arizona video production

Television, Video and Independent Film Production in Arizona.

It is 2015 and video is more than a trend. If youhave a business you need a video, or several to talk win your customers trust. Internet video has taken off as nothing reduces the barrier to call or buy like the relationship you can build with your customer through a great video. In today's market it is essential to have a great video business card for promoting your business on the air or on the web. Web video advertising is essential to your marketing strategy. Call or email us today and we will create a great marketing and promotional video for your business in short order. We shoot everything in High Definition and offer you amazing quality for any price. Please view these samples of inexpensive promotional video that are working for some of our clients right now. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation meeting to get your marketing in gear. Allow us to help you develop a great marketing message that your customers can view any time, on their time in the comfort of their home or office.

Promotional video for the web

Affordable web video advertising.






Anthony Miles has been producing, directing, shooting and editing video and Independent films in the Phoenix, AZ Metro area since 1992. With years of experience Anthony understands deadlines and believes in the collaborative creative process. Our goal is to help make it easy for you to sell your product or communicate your message effectively and clearly with the power of video. Anthony Miles is comfortable working in collaboration with other producers, directors, writers and ad agencies. Anthony Miles has shot, produced and directed hundreds of television commercials, promotional and training videos and several short films as well as being the Director of Photography on a 2 narrative feature films and a documentary feature currently in distribution, and selling on worldwide on DVD. From Cine to Run and Gun, call on us for all your video production needs ranging from EFP to ENG, corporate to creative story telling, cinematic style High Definition video production.

High Definition Video Samples
1080p and 720p High definition video production, down sampled to 720p for the web. Requires Quicktime 7 or later.

High Definition video production - FastWalkers, Robert Dean
Documentary Feature Film Trailer
High definition cinematography reel - 4th wall productions, LLC Angels, Devils and Men
Angels, Devils & Men

Cinematography - Feature Film

More samples of the work.
Corporate TV spot samples Product Videos Films
Valley Forward Awards
Valleywide Recycling
Pet Spotter
60 Minute Run
Rest Assured
(Flash Video)
Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union
Air Muzzle
Break the Chain of Child Abuse
AZADI Fine Rugs
Nitro Blast
Trailer HD Quicktime
City of Peoria
Mr. Smith - excerpt

JS Nitro HollyWood


Green Screen TV Commercial - HD Video ProductionGreen Screen shooting and Compositing
We are very comfortable shooting on green screen for background replacement. HD video formats and proper lighting make great looking green screen effects possible and can be a real money saver for creating dramatic effects. Our experience in setting up all the technical mumbo jumbo, lighting and top notch HD cinematography will help set your production apart from the rest. The special touches make a big difference on your video production project. Feel confident that the pros at 4th Wall Productions, LLC will get the job done right the first time on time and on budget. Click here to see a sample of our high quality green screen shooting and compositing.

Neil Dempster - Professional speaker

Professional Studio quality production at your location.
We can bring in cameras, lighting and sound gear to your location or facility to create studio quality production on location and save you money. Use our expertise in HD video production and professional lighting skills to bring your vision to life. We can bring in one of our multiple backdrops to shoot on or shoot a live background or green screen to create exactly the look you desire. If you prefer a traditional studio we can rent the right one to suit your production needs.

SHOOT: High Definition video today and archive it for tomorrow.
We love high quality HD video, but we realize not every viewer is HD ready and that is not a problem. We now have the Sony PMW EX1 Cine Alta High definition video camera systems available as a part of our primary production packages. These system shoot on the new breed of high definition video formats including XDCAM HD or HDV formats and support 1080 60i and 1080 24p and 720p 24. 25, 60p frame rate high definition video, in true native 16x9 aspect ratio.

EDIT: Uncompressed 8 bit or 10 bit Video editing available Now at 4th Wall TV and Film Production.
Apple 8 core Xeon Mac Pro Final Cut Production Studio 2 real time nonlinear workstations with 10 TB array for HD storage. Enough storage for over 17 hours of uncompressed HD video or over 40 hours of 1920x1080 ProRes 422 10 Bit HD video. Service includes, real time titling, real time dissolves, color correction picture in a picture. Support software includes Apple Motion, Photoshop CS4, Boris FX RED 4 for effects and compositing. Also featuring custom DVD authoring with DVD Studio Pro 4, and Native HDV editing on Final Cut Pro 6. Service includes, capture of HD-SDI or HD analog component to ProRes 422 or Uncompressed. Rest assured your video will look as it should in our edit suite, with color correction and critical viewing on our broadcast quality JVC 17" HD monitor with 1:1 viewing.
Put on the polish with Tons of Effects: Boris FX RED 4, BCC Continuum Complete 5 & 6, Final Effects Complete.
We can literally make your video sparkle, in our powerful Mac Pro editing suite which is loaded with extras and effects to get your creative juices buzzing. Our base is Final Cut Production Studio 2 featuring real time titling, real time dissolves, color correction picture in a picture and much more. Support software includes Apple Motion, Photoshop CS4, Boris FX RED 4, we own the latest Boris FX Box set for Mac which encompasses thousands of effects and variations, 3D titling and animated graphs to bring your information to life. For fast efficient and high quality Green Screen compositing, we also own DV Matte Pro and Conduit nodal compositing software for seamless green screen keys.

Teleprompter system available now.
Professional QTV teleprompter system available now. Do you need to cover a lot of important details in your video presentation. No problem, no need to try to remember and worry about flubbing your lines. It is to much for just about anyone to coordinate and remember, hire our Teleprompter system to scroll your script directly in front of the camera and deliver your details perfect time and time again straight to your viewers. We can help make your perfect presentation as easy as reading a story out loud.

"Canon EOS 7D HDSLR high definition video and still camera available at 4th Wall Productions, Phoenix, Arizona.
The Canon EOS 7D digital SLR is known for versatility in creating shallow depth of field in a small package. It creates high quality h.264 MOV HD video files at 24, 30 and 60 fps and of course it is a superb still camera with 18 megapixel resolution.
"Sony PMW EX1 high definition video camera available at 4th Wall Productions, Phoenix, Arizona.
The Sony PMW "EX1" is renowned for it's extremely high video quality, versatile frame rates for slow motion, fast motion, superior low light performance, and overall excellent high definition video images. The camera and accessories are now available in house from 4th Wall Productions, LLC In Phoenix, Arizona . The EX1 shoots at 1080i, 1080p & 720p in 24, 25, 50, 60 frames per second great for shooting NTSC in the USA and for PAL formats for projects from overseas as well.

"Independent film package available - RedRock Micro M2e & Micro X Encore Flip, Cine Accessories.
The RedRock M2e 35 mm cinema lens adapter and "RedRock M2e 35 FLIP" unit is available now at 4th Wall Productions, LLC. The RedRock M2e 35 & Flip allow for using 35 mm lenses on HD video cameras with upright image viewing. This allows creative control over depth of field and field of view, emulating the look and feel of a more film like image than available with HD video cameras without this set up. This along with custom gamma curves and knee, enhance the HD video images taking on more film like characteristics sought after by those who prefer the softer more cinematic look of motion picture film. Our Indie Film package includes the Sony PMW EX1 high definition video camera, Cartoni tripod, RedRock M2e 35 with Micro X flip, Red Rock Deluxe matte box, follow focus v2, support rails, Nikon 35 mm lenses, field monitor and dolly. We also have a field sound package with Sennheiser mkh 416p shotgun mic, boom with fuzzy windscreen or rycote, and wireless lav mics and 4 channel field mixer. Lighting equipment with tungsten and daylight balanced fluorescent and tungsten lighting, C-stands and a flag/scrim kit for lighting control are also available. See Gear list here.
Servicing the Metro Phoenix, AZ area since 1992
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