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Gilbert, Arizona video production

"Fight Scene"

Production test scene. Shot on RED One by Joel Klandrud. Featuring John Nottingham and Anthony Miles. DIrected & Edited by Anthony Miles. This scene is a production test for upcoming martial arts action films and seminars designed to help those interested in gaining knowledge and practical skills for participating in or making their own motion picture fight scenes. This scene was created in total in about 8 hours including shooting, editing and sound work and does not represent final color corrected output. The clip below is a YouTube embedded file and does not represent finish quality that 4th Wall productions, LLC is capable of delivering. to view the higher quality file click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyUWDOt0Xlc&fmt=18

"Fight For Life"

The Story:
"Fight For Life" is an action/martial arts film that is focused on the human drama surrounding a family tragedy, and the growth process that the family goes through in an effort to keep the family business running and the family together. On a quest for the money needed to pay his dying fathers heavy medical bills and keep the family martial arts school out of bankruptcy, "Jesse Bender" gets sucked into the world of underground fighting. This is a heartfelt story of one man's journey to carry the family burden.

Please submit heads shots and resumes to only.

"60 Minute Run" A short film by Anthony Miles, is an official selection for the Phoenix Film Festival 2003

"60 Minute Run" starring Anthony Miles, Stephanie Bobski, and Mark Markus was directed by Anthony Miles, shot by DP, Steven Aquilino and written by Rob Unck and Anthony Miles.

"The film has been a complete success" says Anthony, as a test model for producing feature film on Sony's Cine Alta 24p High Definition digital motion picture camera and system. The film employs Hollywood style camera and lighting techniques and is viewable here.

Gracious thanks to Steve Wargo at AZ24p.com and Show-N-Tell video production for his help on the set, this film would not have been possible with out his wise and gracious support.

Special thanks to Jenny Gomez-Lindo at the DG Studios for her help in casting this project. Also, thanks to Sherry at Draco productions for her help during casting as well. A big thanks to Rob Unck for being my writing partner, and Steven Aquilino for a great job lighting and shooting "60 Minute Run".

Thanks to Matt Anderson and Rob Unck for their help on set as well. A huge thanks to Chris Lamont at the Phoenix Film Festival for the great challenge and the support of the Phoenix Film Festival for the local Filmmaking community, with without their challenge this project probably would have never been done. The Phoenix Film Fest 2003 was a blast!

Click here to view "60 Minute Run"

Rick Holland as "Kevin"

"Strategy" the last four people together in a house on a reality TV show, who will win, who's the secret agent, what will be their "Strategy"? The 10 minute short was photographed in 20 hours and edited in about 24 hours by director Anthony Miles. Strategy was written by Joe Gruberman and starred Rick Holland, Jodi Rankin, Stephanie Saucedo, and Frederick hill as James, the watcher. Click here to watch "Strategy"

Stephanie Saucedo Stabs Matt Anderson's dummy "Kevin"
Produced for "72 Hours" a film making challenge by Emerald Pictures producer Nancy Criss, for Secret Agent Night, this film was a real test of how much production a group of committed, passionate filmmakers can put together in a 72 hour period of time. Anthony Miles would like to express his thanks to all the people who worked so hard on this production, including: Emerald Pictures for organizing the challenge and pulling together the writer and cast. Thanks to Nancy Criss, Marlen Rodriguez and Mary Ann.
The cast at the premiere of "Strategy" 72 hours screening
Joe Gruberman - Writer, and great props Val Gruberman - Location Manager and craft services, Nancy Zilversmit - Key make up, Matt Anderson - Special FX make up, air brushing and construction as well as some of the location sound. John Nottingham - location sound and lighting and grip, Rob Unck - Lighting and Grip, Marilyn Miles - camera rental, Steve Wargo - dolly and lens rental
The theater at AMC AZ Center for 72 hours screening


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