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Anthony T. Miles
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We frequently research new methods and technologies to achieve high quality results for our customers. Check in here often for our thoughts on new things both technical and from a marketing perspective. Find out how much of today's video driven content can really help your marketing and get you out in front of your customers and ahead of your competition. We will also discuss strategies used in production to help our recent customers achieve their goals, this will include marketing videos, feature films and even music videos.

4k Ultra High Definition video is here. Whew... We are excited. I love cameras that put me in the creative control, and the Sony A7s does just that. I can shoot in the dark, or in high contrast day exteriors, and end up with great images in some of the most challenging situations. We have a couple of options available. We have the Sony A7s withe the Atomos Shogun 4k Recorder Monitor with HDSDI and HDMI. The A7s can shoot in several modes weather youare looking for a finished lok in camera or youwant to grade to get the most out of an image in post. The Sony A7s shoots S-Log 2 wide dynamic range mode and captures around 14 stops of dynamic range. S Log 2 requires color grading but gives incredible flexibilty similar to the highest end cameras in the world, such as the renouned Arri Alexa or Red Epic cameras. The A7s is a mini beast with the Atomos Shogun 4K ProRes or DnXHD/HR recorder which records to SSD drives. We can create incredible quality that is on par with hollywood with a small crew with this system. We also have the Panasonic GH4 a small but mighty all in one 4K solution that has amazing resolution and sharpness and can record 4k video to SD csrds.

Are you engaging your customers. The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce is, and we are proud to be working with them to support strong Gilbert business. Check out a sample of a simple effective video jump over to our consulting page for more.

Darren Patoni, President/CEO of the IT Workshop speaks about the business climate in Gilbert Arizona and benefits of being a member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.

Harvey Gibson, Business Development Officer at Tempe Schools Credit Union shares some of what makes Tempe Schools Credit Union the right place for your banking needs.