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Thank you to John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts, family and staff who participated in photo day.
Photography proofs shot on 10-1-08 by Anthony Miles will be listed below.

Please select 1 image per package for printing. If there are more than one image you would like, please purchase an add on print of the additional images. If you would like more than 1 image printed in a package, we can do that for an additional custom package set-up fee of $5.00 per image. Photo Package price sheet

John Nottingham's USA MA proofs

Link to photo gallery.

All photos and Images copyright Anthony Miles 2008

Class or Karate School or business photography:

We know offer karate school and business owners a way to have affordable high quality student or staff photos and great experience. Choosing a pro to come in and work with you to create a rich, memorable positive experience that last for years. Having fine karate school photos is easy, need photographs of your business's staff for your web site or advertising, just give us a call and see how you can offer this service to your students or staff. This service would be applicable for any event or organization with more than 35 people needing to be photographed.
Photo Package price sheet

Karate School Photography.
Anthony Miles specializes in taking great shots for karate schools that need photography, from student photos to instructor portraits to action shots that capture martial arts in al its glory.

Class or student photos are a great opportunity for school owner to provide student with photos they can be proud of. Available to schools that have over 100 active count. Photo Package price sheet*

* packages are for a single image, if multiple images are desired in one package there is a $5.00 custom package set-up fee.

Head shots: Typically priced between $175-$325 based on availability.
Digital photos with a Canon 10.1 mega pixel SLR camera, Includes as many as 120 shots in one session. Includes online proofs, and 2 8x10 prints of your favorite image, as well as discounts on additional photo print pricing.

Click to view SAMPLE Gallery for $175/shoot.


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